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 AlpineGlo Farm LLC
     We have a small family farm located in Westminster, Vermont. We currently raise pigs, ducks, chickens for meat as well as eggs, and goats for dairy products. 
     We have a small herd of CAE free, ADGA registered Alpine goats. Babies are available for sale annually in the spring.
     We are in the process of opening a licensed farmstead cheese operation. Any donations are welcomed to help us achieve our goal. 

       Come and visit us at the Ludlow Farmers Market on Friday nights or in Londonderry on Saturday mornings.  We offer ready made breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as well as meals to go, made from products raised right on the farm. 
       We offer a variety of products from the farm; dairy, meat, prepared meals, canned goods, specialty pies and desserts, and more!  Please send an email request for a full menu and detailed price sheet.  We also accept special requests.  

Visit the farm's new website at www.alpineglofarm.com

Goats Milk 
$5 quart
$8 1/2 gallon
$15 gallon
Discounts available for cheesemaking quantities
Catering is now available! Please call to discuss your options.
*On-farm pickup is required for milk purchases.